Modding guide

When you want to have a mod in Samsung Monte you must firstly install MonteHero mod made by lonelydra, and also have supported firmware.


  • Flash your Samsung Monte to XEJE1 or MFJF1 firmware
  • Unrar Monte-Hero v1.6 full for s5620 patched.rar
  • Connect your Samsung Monte to Kies and copy folder Res/Flash from rar archive to phone's memory
  • Run Multiloader 5,56 from folder "patches" select files for your firmware
  • Select LSI6410 in Multiloader
  • Select files Apps and Rsrc2 from folder for your firmware
  • Connect your Samsung Monte like when you was flashing FW
  • Check if everything is selected (LSI6410, Apps and Rsrc2)
  • Click download
  • After 3 seconds it's finished. Your Samsung Monte will automatically start with your mod.

Another mod for Samsung Monte

  • If you want another mod, just change the Res folder in phone's memory
  • If you just have e.g. Gadget.swf, change only this file in the Res/Flash folder

Patch menu

  • When you have a mod your Samsung Monte works slower, but you can disable some patches youu don't need. This will help :)
  • Turn off your Samsung Monte
  • Hold the "lock button" and "red button"
  • Your Samsung Monte will start into patch menu
  • Use volume buttons to change between between options
  • Press camera button to select your option (now select Patch menu)
  • You will see all patches. Change between them with volume buttons and press camera button to unmark all patches you want. (I have enabled only: MasterPatch, CheckSignOff, DeleteJavaPopup, DeleteSthumbDB, FlashPlayer, JavaLcdOff, ChangeMessages, PowerSaveMode, RadioWithoutHeadSet, RelocateActiveSyncFo, ReplaceSwf2FFS, VibOnCall, VideoSizeLarge) (my FW is MFJF1)
  • Press lock button to save
  • Press "green" button to exit patches
  • Press volume buttons to Restart Phone
  • Confirm press camera button